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1. How I'm Creating a $1,000,000 Personal Brand

When Ethan and I started recording our podcast, we did an episode about the newsletter industry.

In the episode, Ethan showed me the step by step framework that almost every newsletter brand uses to grow profits and scale.

When he taught me the model, it completely changed the way I am growing my personal brand business. Suddenly, all the answers became so clear.

It was one of the most enlightening moments I've had an entrepreneur. My entire path was laid out in front of me, and it's been the catalyst of much success.

In this week's issue, I want to pass on to you what Ethan passed on to me.

This is the million dollar model. I hope you learn it, embrace it, and apply it to your own business.


2. Looking Into the Darkness as a Creator

On this week’s episode, Ethan and I talk about my recent article on looking into the darkness, and how it applies to everything from world events, to controversial creators, AI chess players, and more.

This was one of my favorite episodes yet. Ethan and I had an amazing conversation and this is a subject matter that I think a lot of people can benefit from.

Click here to check out this week's episode.

3. Dave Portnoy Sucks at Investing (and you do too)

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Wall Street Silver
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October 4th 2022

This video is amazing. I knew how it was going to end, but I still needed to watch all the way through.

Most people don't want to know the truth about investing, because it hurts their ego. But the truth is this ...

You have no clue what you're doing.

But guess what? Neither does anyone else.

The American stock market, in aggregate, always goes up. Events such as the great depression, both world wars, the cold war, the Cuban missile crisis, and everything in between have only created temporary setbacks.

This is the beauty of free markets. Money always finds it's way towards growth.

Below is a growth chart of the American stock market, with all the crisis' added.

Yes, there are bear markets, but over a long enough timeline, the money always finds a way to grow itself.

But here's the catch, no one knows when markets will drop or when markets will see gains. People only THINK they know because there is a 50 / 50 shot of investing in a company and seeing it grow.

But the reality is that even the best hedge funds in the world, with all the technology and data, rarely beat the average gains of the market.

I have a better return on my money than most hedge funds and that's not an exaggeration.

My advice to anyone is always this. DOLLAR COST AVERAGE YOUR INVESTING.

That simply means create an automated investing schedule.

I invest $500 into the s&p500 every Friday.

When the market is up, that means I am buying high, but also seeing growth on my previous investments. When the markets are down, that means I am buying future gains at a discount.

No one knows the future, and this is not investment advice. But we can only make decisions based on the data we have. And the data is clear as day.

Timing the market is a losing game. But not investing is a losing game as well.

You gotta get in the game, and your best chance of success is to create an automatic investing schedule and then go about your life.

Here's a link to the hysterical video one more time.


4. Don’t Lose the Blogging Game to your Competitors

It’s competitive out there for Google searches. You have to research topics and write blog content fast and efficiently. GrowthBar is the 5-star rated AI-enabled tool that enables you to write SEO-friendly content 5x faster.

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Need proof it works?

I recently used GrowthBar myself to create product descriptions for one of my clients.

In one day, we generated product descriptions for dozens of products. And guess what happened?

The search traffic doubled. This increased sales, search traffic and more. All thanks to GrowthBar.

​Here’s the link one more time.

5. These Three Words Changed My Life

I have a slogan that I keep with me and I call on when going through a challenging time. This slogan has helped me get through some of the hardest journeys in my life.

Once you learn this, it will make it easier to keep going when you don't think you can't go any further.

6. There is So Much Money to be Made in Solar

Above is a chart that shows a clear visualization of the demand of growth for solar power. This chart was taken from the Instagram account of Chartr. (One of my favorite accounts)

Here's what I see when I look at this chart.

What makes solar different than other renewable utilities is that the installation can be done on a local level. A licensed contractor can show up to your house and install solar panels on your roof.

The market for lead generation for these services is going to EXPLODE.

Years ago, David and I bought powersolar.com with the intent of creating a lead gen site for contractors who were installing solar panels in Massachusetts. We knew a guy who was running Facebook ads to generate leads and then selling leads to contractors.

He was making $20,000 a month profit and he was working 10 hours a week at most.

Back then, I remember thinking that the market was saturated, so David and I never went through with it. But now, I am realizing that solar power is barely in its infancy stages.

You should start a lead gen business for solar panel installation. You can make a ton of money.

7. The 5 Types of Online Prospects, and How to Sell on a Blog

If you use content to promote your services or digital products, it should be no secret that your goal is to sell on a blog. You want a return on investment for the time and effort you spend on building your platform.

On the other hand, you’re probably also aware that if you spend all of your time relentlessly selling, you’ll alienate a good portion of your prospective audience.

The tricky problem for content marketers is that various readers are at different awareness levels, depending on how long they’ve been reading and how much exposure you’ve provided to your offer.

In this article, you will learn the subtle nuances that will help you keep the perfect balance between informing, audience building, and sales.

8. Most Communities Will Fail

I love this visual that was created by Mili Tamiti.

You can study it for hours. It's such a simple and articulate breakdown on what needs to happen for a membership platform to become a THRIVING community.

9. Write Every Day

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Danny Miranda
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October 4th 2022

This simple story is the exact blueprint for success in the modern age.

There's nothing fancy about it.

Write every day.

Publish your work every day.

Since it's conception, Joe Pompliano's newsletter has become WILDLY successful.

I love to see it. Click here to subscribe.

The lesson is this: I've already told you, many times what you need to do. But will you do it? Probably not.

10. Final Thought - "Understanding Leadership"

I've written at length about my recent decision to remove myself from the day to day of my company. As part of this process, my teammates have stepped into leadership positions. It's been beautiful to watch.

What most people don't understand about leadership is this. Leadership isn't about telling people what to do, it's mostly about making choices.

Anyone can give orders, but making choices is a different thing entirely, because everyone is looking at you to make the right choices. But the thing is, it's basically impossible to make the right choice every day. So what happens is that leadership becomes a role of constant readjustment. You make a choice, observe the results, and then adjust.

As a leader, you're almost always wrong, but the mistakes aren't failures, they're simply data points. In time, good leaders always get to the right conclusion because they are humble enough to know that they don't know what's right.

It's paradoxical, but important.

The role of leadership is not something that can be taken, it must be earned. The team needs to look at you and KNOW that they can count on you to take them in the right direction.

Now there are leaders in each department and there is one "company president" who overseas the entire company.

I'm so proud of look at this new structure and to watch people assume these roles. It humbles me, because it makes me feel like I am really helping my teammates become better people.

I doubt myself often. I'm not perfect. I am always making mistakes.

So if there is one insight that I can teach my teammates, it is simply that leadership requires the willingness to make mistakes in front of other people, and then the judgement to self correct.

That is a message I can share with them, and it's a message I'd like to share with you.

Love you guys.

Talk to you next week.


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