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How I Became a Millionaire

published9 months ago
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Hello. Tim here.

The Supreme Court is a disgrace. Women's right's is not a state issue. If you reply to me with some triggered nonsense, then you're beta.

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1. The Personality Traits that Made me a Millionaire

Making money is a skill.

It’s a skill that can be learned and improved upon.

Everyone can become wealthy, including you.

The sooner you realize that, the sooner you will start to accumulate wealth, freedom, and utility of your choices.

In this week’s article, I will give you a transparent insight of the personality traits I had to develop that allowed me to become wealthy.

I hope you can apply these lessons to your own journey.

2. Don't Try to be Helpful, Be Valuable

“Being a pro doesn’t mean you’re beating yourself up all the time. It just means you’re looking in the right direction.”

On this week’s episode, Ethan and I talk about frameworks for overcoming imposter syndrome and increasing your value.

Also… Tim’s dad hit publish on his podcast!

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3. One of the Best Threads I've Ever Read

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Jordan DiPietro
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June 29th 2022

Jordan DePietro sold millions of dollars worth of newsletters at Motley Fool. He's the current CEO of The Hustle and VP of Marketing at Hubspot.

In short: Jordan knows wtf he's doing.

The information in this thread is articulate and high level.

I especially liked the section where he talked about sales letters and focused all the efforts on sales copy and zero time and attention on design.

Also, I really loved the part where he spoke about gamification.

For instance, a simple recommendation could earn your readers a point and points could give them credits to money off (or maybe even a free) future product.

I've read this thread many times over and I fully plan on applying some of these strategies to my own work.

Here's a link to the Twitter thread.

4. What Happens When People Subscribe? You're Probably Losing Your Subscriber's Attention (Bootstrapper Members Only)

Congratulations, you convinced someone to give you their email address!

Now what?

Getting someone’s email address is hard. Keeping their email address is harder.

You’re always one wrong move away from someone smashing the unsubscribe button and forgetting everything about you.

So how do you avoid a Marty McFly moment?

TAVA: Trust, authority, value, and affinity.

These are the four reasons people will stay subscribed.

Let’s dive into each one…

P.S. - Readers of my newsletter get 30% off access to The Bootstrapper. You can join here.

5. You're Doing Email Marketing Wrong

When I first started building an online business, I would spend hours on the look and feel of my emails. I would create custom templates with images and complicated formatting.

In time, I got better and I learned that short emails with persuasive language is what gets the click.

You need opens, clicks, and good sales copy.

That's how you make money on the internet.

Note* - There is a difference between a newsletter (what you're reading now) and email marketing. Learn the difference and learn the skill. It's a money printer.

6. ConvertKit Released a New Feature to Help Creators Sell Sponsorships

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Nathan Barry
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June 27th 2022

Remember a few week's ago when I argued that ad dollars will start to funnel away from Facebook and towards podcasts and newsletters?

Well, well, well ...

Last week, Nathan announced a new program that will help newsletter creators monetize by selling the sponsorships for you. Now you can focus on creating the best newsletter possible.

7. I Jumped in Celebration

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Children without internet!😊
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June 25th 2022

Children Without Internet remains one of the best accounts on Twitter. I've never seen something from them that didn't immediately brighten my day.

8. How to Create a Content Marketing Strategy

We’ve talked on the blog for years about how to create a content marketing strategy before jumping into writing.

Still, when I bring this up in conversations, I notice that the immediate follow-up question is nearly always:

Er, what does an in-depth, documented content marketing strategy actually look like?“

Let’s answer that exact question.

9. Die With Zero

I struggle with allowing myself to enjoy my money. I'm always worried that something bad will happen. I realize it's from the way I was brought up and I am working on it.

Die with Zero helped me change my relationship with money and plus Ali Abdaal makes the best videos.

You will enjoy watching this.

10. Final Thought - "Social Media is Powerful."

For so much of my entrepreneurial career, I have focused on SEO. I always felt like social media was a game of perceived value. I didn't want to be a hack or a phony. I wanted to get popular by building businesses, as opposed to building a business by getting popular.

This year, I started investing in my personal brand. I have been working hard on growing my Twitter following. In time, I will start to build out my Instagram, YouTube, and Podcast as well.

I wish I did it sooner. I now have 11,000 followers on Twitter and the results have been remarkable.

I should have never let my ego get in the way of my own success.

Lesson learned.

Love you guys. Talk to you next week.