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How I'm Building my Social Media Empire

published7 months ago
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Hello there. It's Tim.

I finished Arnold Schwarzenegger's autobiography. I highly recommend it.

1. How I'm Building my Social Media Empire

In March, I made the commitment to build a legit personal brand for myself on social media.

It's been fun, challenging, and has generated growth for my business.

I'm about 5 months into my journey. This week, I am giving you a behind the scenes look at the operation.

Steal my ideas. Copy my processes. Take what you need and leave the rest.

Let's do this.

2. Opportunity is Everywhere

On this week’s episode, Ethan Brooks and I touch on everything from old-time gunslingers to the Inc. 5000, including the story of a NYC entrepreneur who started a brilliant business with no money, and the dangers of audience capture.

I hope you listen to this episode till the very end, because the last 20 minutes are gold. 🥇

Click here to listen to the episode and view the full show notes.

3. "If I Could Do It All Over Again."

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Charles Miller
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August 25th 2022

I really enjoyed this tweet thread from Charles Miller. Charles has been a great example for me. He is creating a business that work FOR HIM as opposed to him working FOR IT.

He has started by building a service agency and has transitioned into using his knowledge to build a product. You know I love this model because it generates cashflow and then uses that cashflow to generate high leverage income streams.

In this thread, he talk about what he would do differently if he were starting all over again.

I think this is always an interesting thought experiment.

If I had to start over, what would I do differently?

For me, the biggest lesson is that I would have committed to this process sooner.

I spent so many years changing my mind. I would try this and try that. I would experiment and never give my experiments enough time to generate real data.

My impatience would convince me that I should be doing something else, or that someone else was smarter than me and I should try to do it "more like them."

I suppose the patience is a virtue that comes with age. When I was 24, I was in such a hurry to get where I was going. Now, I won't even touch a project unless I am willing to spend at least ten years on it.

I enjoyed the thought experiment and I especially enjoyed Charles' Twitter thread.

You can read the full thread here.

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5. The Three Types of Distribution

Having a great product or service is pointless if no one ever discovers it.

When you’re building your business, you need to understand the different levels of attention. You need to identify

- what attention you borrow

- what attention you rent

- what attention you own.

Let's go through each level and talk about how each fits into your growth.

6. This is the Best Career Decision You Can Possibly Make

I read this article at the perfect time.

As you may have guessed from the title of this week's newsletter, I have been working on building my social media following. I am ready to start putting myself out there and create more recognition for my work and my ideas.

It's a very challenging exercise.

For years, I've been quietly observing what others are doing and thinking to myself that "I should try to do it like them." We are all memetic creatures, aren't we?

The other week, I read this article and it hit me. I said ...

"fuck it, all I have to do is be myself."

Ryan Holiday writes in a straightforward and conversational piece that gave me the confidence to be myself.

I have been putting this practice into action.

I highly suggest you read this. Let the message soak into your bones.

7. A Three Step Blueprint to a Successful Blog Launch

A blog launch is exciting, but it can also be awfully lonely for up to a year as you build readership, unless you plan to begin with a bang.

So, here are my tips for beginner writers who plan on doing just that.

This strategy does not require you to have an existing audience to use as a springboard. In fact, I’m assuming you’re starting cold.

The blog-launch blueprint we’ll cover today consists of three steps …

  • Cornerstone
  • Networking
  • Attraction

Let’s look at each one.

8. Fearless

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Nathan Baugh
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August 9th 2022

My wife doesn't like John Mayer.

At times, he comes across as pretentious. I get it. But I don't care. He's a genius and this video proves it.

Such a deep and insightful lesson on how to harden your mind to become FEARLESS in the journey of creativity, business, and success.

You have no choice except for to ruthlessly expose yourself to judgement and criticism. That's how you become great.

This video inspires me so much.

9. Miami is a Lie

What a shocker ... The Bay Area, NYC, and Greater Boston are still the top markets for venture investing.

For the last 3 years, we've all been told that Miami is the new tech hub and the new capital of entrepreneurship. It's amazing what a good story will do.

When I look at this chart, I am reminded that real change takes a long long time.

I put this chart here to encourage you not to worry too much about hype and FOMO. What do you want to accomplish? You can get after it, no matter where you are. The story is often compelling and often over dramatized.

Keep going.

P.S. - I love Miami.

10. Final Thought - "You're Capable of More Than You Think"

You're probably sick of listening to me talk about how hard my wife and I have been working.

The thing is, I don't know what else to write about. These last few months have been so grueling.

I've always been a hard worker and my wife is a very hard worker as well. But I think both of us would tell you that this is the hardest we have ever worked in our lives.

Each morning starts at dawn and goes straight through until we collapse.

I feel a strange sense of rage throughout the process. It's a good rage. It's the kind of rage you feel when you're on the last quarter mile of a 10 mile run. When you can see the finish line and your body gives you the sudden rush you need to finish strong.

I'm not angry, I don't even feel stressed. I just feel determined. I don't care how much longer we have to do this for. I know that we are going to push through this challenging time and the other end will be beautiful.

I think it's important for people to be pushed past their breaking point. Most people never get there. They never discover what they are truly made of because they've never risk of going too far.

But you're stronger than you think.

You can do anything if you want it bad enough. I'm not suggesting you sleep 4 hours a day or deprive your life of social interactions in the spirit of hard work and advancement. That's not a way to live.

What I am telling you is that you could if you wanted to. You have it in you, you probably just don't know it.

Although I can't run anymore, I will always be grateful for those years in my life. Even if my daily running is what caused the herniation in my back, I would probably do it again if I could.

Running taught me stamina. It taught me that "cardio makes cowards out of men." This is why I will ALWAYS keep endurance at the top of my list of priorities.

The winners are almost always the ones who are most willing to endure.

This chapter of our lives is almost done. We have a nanny who starts next week. We have some help. Our second baby is almost here. It won't be this hard forever.

However, I can tell you, with absolute 100 fucking percent certainty, that we will push through it no matter what. It doesn't matter how long it takes, Jules and I are both going to succeed in completing our mission.

I hope that you will also be blessed with exhaustion.

You are capable of more than you think.

Love you guys. Talk to you next week.