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How to Build a Gary Vaynerchuk Inspired Media Machine

publishedabout 1 year ago
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Hello, it's Tim.

I'm in Portland Oregon. The family and I are on the last leg of our three month travel adventure. It's been great. I'm sad it's coming to an end but I am looking forward to figuring out what's next.


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1. How I'm Building a Gary Vaynerchuk Inspired Media Machine

I've always dreamed of building a high level social media department, but it's never been an investment that made sense for me. Almost all of my success has come from SEO and email marketing. That's what I love to do and where I have focused all my attention.

But the time has come for me to go next level with social media. I'm ready. LFG! 🔥🔥🔥

In this article, I will explain how I am going to use Vaynerchuk’s exact content production method to build my own high level social media team.

2. Swinging the Pendulum

I loved this thread and I think it's a cool way to look at how teams grow and work together. As soon as I read it, I recognized how the pendulum has been swinging for my team. Very insightful. Thanks Brandon.

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Brandon Chu
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March 11th 2022

3. 30 Sure Fire Steps to Become a Successful Freelance Writer

Does this sound like the right move for you? All set to learn how to be a freelance writer?

The following guide will show you where to start, even if you have no experience.

Let’s dive in

4. Did Substack Nuke Your Email List?

Last week, I published a well received article about the new Substack app. I received a lot of compliments on Twitter about my article, and thank you for the kind words. 😀

Ethan read the article as well and we decided it would make a great topic for this week's podcast. It was my favorite podcast to record to date. We laughed and had a great time.

Also, Ethan made a statement in the podcast that really got me thinking.

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Tim Stoddart
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March 17th 2022

5. NFT's are Digital Infrastructure

He's right ... @garyvee

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Gary Vaynerchuk
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March 10th 2022

6. The Book That Changed My Life

I'm writing a book. I've been working on it for two months. I've been writing every day and I've quickly discovered how challenging it is.

I've been channeling Austin Kleon to help me write and so this week's post from him was really helpful and found me at exactly the right time. It's a fun read. I hope you enjoy it.

7. A Fun Day in Seattle

Seattle was great. My wife lived in Seattle for years and she always talks about how it's her favorite city.

I was happy to see the city and thrilled to see all the places Jules used to hang out. Writing this quick post made me smile and I think you will smile at the picture.

8. Copyblogger Now Ranks #2 for the Term "Copywriting."


It's difficult to explain how much work the rebirth of Copyblogger has been. There were a lot of sleepless nights thinking about how I would succeed and questioning if I did the right thing.

That's what entrepreneurship is about. I'm thrilled to see we are winning another extremally valuable keyword.

More to come!

9. Let's Start Looking Nice Again

I love nice clothes, but I hate wearing nice clothes. I feel uncomfortable in them. I don't know why.

My wife keeps bringing me shopping and I have slowly started seeing the light.

The solution is to give a damn, to take pride in one’s appearance and to show respect – respect for oneself and respect for the people, places and things that one encounters on a given day.

A great article by George Hahn.

10. Final Thought - "You Will Die Someday"

A few months ago, I turned the notifications on to the Daily Death Reminder. It's a Twitter account that reminds me every morning that "I will die someday."

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Daily Death Reminder
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March 15th 2022

As I get older, I'm feeling a bit lazier than I used to. For the first time in my life, I find myself saying "I'm just going to chill."

I am definitely an advocate for rest and taking care of yourself, but what I'm talking about is different. Over time, some people lose their thirst for life and for living. I've seen it happen to a lot of people, and I hate the idea of my life slowly passing me by.

I refuse to let that happen. I have so much life inside of me. I want to continue working hard, traveling the world, eating great food, doing Muay Thai, working out until I puke, climbing mountains, jumping in the ocean and eating ice cream.

The thing about living life, is that you have to actively live it. If you expect a great life to happen to you, you will end up lonely and unfulfilled. Living a great life requires work. You have to get after it!

Keep working hard. Keep getting after it. There's only one way out of this life ...

the ending is that you will die.

What will you do until then?

Love you guys. Talk to you next week.

Tim (@timstodz)