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1. How to Close More Deals: 5 Strategies to Help You Get Contracts Signed

Do you want more clients? Of course you do.

In all my years helping of people start companies, the most common question I get from my readers is “How do I get more clients?”

Landing clients is a skill. You can practice and learn how to be a better sales person, in the same way you can learn any other skill.

Learning how to close deals will increase your revenue, increase your personal income, and give you more options as you grow and scale your business.

In this article, I teach you 5 tips and tactics that you can apply TODAY, that will help you land better clients.

2. Concrete Steps of Overcoming Fear as a Writer

On this week’s episode, Ethan Brooks and I take a break from marketing and business in order to talk about the ins and outs of story-telling, fear of failure, and how to put yourself out there.

We had a lot of fun in this convo and you'll enjoy listening to it.

Click here to listen on iTunes and click here to listen on Spotify.

3. How to Buy a Cash Printing SaaS Business

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Joe Speiser ⚡️
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June 1st 2022

Once you get to the point where you have cash to play with, it's almost always better to buy a cash flowing company than it is to start your own.

The first few years of SaaS growth are very difficult, and getting momentum can be the hardest part.

Joe Speiser put together a brilliant playbook that will help you navigate the waters.

Read it here.

4. Why Attention is the Asset (Academy Members Only)

You’ve probably heard of Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. But in case you haven’t, here’s a quick breakdown of assets vs. liabilities:
Assets are how you build wealth, because they go to work for you. They either increase in value (like a stock) or they actively generate more income for you (like rental property or digital products).
If you spend money on something that doesn’t 1) increase in value or 2) generate money, it’s a liability or expense.

In this week's publication, I explain to you how to stack assets and how attention is the greatest asset of all.

P.S. - If you haven't joined The Bootstrapper's Academy, you can use coupon code "NEWSLETTER" for 20% off your membership.

5. Former OpenSea Exec Gets Busted for Insider Trading NFTs 🤡🤡

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You can't make this shit up.

Former OpenSea Head of Product Nate Chastain, is being charged with insider trading for his alleged rigging of flipping NFTs.

Chastain would get a heads up as to which NFTs were going to be featured on the homepage of Opensea, buy them, and then sell them for a profit.

This is hysterical, because we're actually talking about insider trading for the unlawful sales of monkey pictures, but it's also important because it's the first example of the Justice Department recognizing blockchain and digital assets as official securities.

I recommend reading the official press release from the Justice Department.

6. Quit Trashing Your Writers Voice with this One Rookie Mistake

I love what Ursula Le Guin had to say about punctuation in her book on narrative, Steering the Craft:

“… punctuation tells the reader ‘how to hear’ our writing. That’s what it’s for. Commas and periods bring out the grammatical structure of a sentence; they make it clear to the understanding, and the emotions, by showing what it sounds like — where the breaks come, where to pause.”

Seriously though, learn how to properly use commas. Your readers will thank you.

7. 🎵 It's That Go and Get It, With No Hesitation 🎵

My Muay Thai trainer made a video of his workouts and it got my so hype I was ready to run through a wall.

Then, after my Tuesday training session, I was ready to collapse.

I quickly discovered I'm not quite as conditioned as he is. But, at least I went into the session with good energy.

8. What the Hell is Happening in Real Estate?

I studied a lot of real estate data this week. Although I doubt I will ever get involved with commercial real estate, I remain interested in storing some of my wealth into rental properties. I'm not in a rush, but I'm eager to keep learning.

Let me share some of my learnings with you this week.

  • Interest Rates Will Continue to Rise - Lael Brainard, the vice chair of the Federal Reserve, said that another big rate increase in September might be appropriate if inflation does not moderate.

9. How to Grow a Newsletter

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Jordan DiPietro
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May 31st 2022

This is the best thread I've ever read on the topic. This is the exact format I am following with the newsletter you're reading now.

If you're serious about getting into the newsletter space, this is an absolute must read.

Here's a direct link to the thread.

10. The Final Thought - "Finally, Someone Said It."

This week, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen admitted to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that she was “wrong on the path” inflation would take, after saying in 2021 she didn’t think inflation would be a problem.

I can't tell you how much I appreciated Secretary Yellen admitting she was wrong.

I talk about this with my wife all the time. Why do people (especially politicians) speak with such absolutism about situations in which no one has complete information?

Imagine how we could have navigated through Covid if our leaders were open and honest about what was happening. Imagine if someone said "we are working with incomplete information, and we are making recommendations based on the information we have. If something changes, we will update you as soon as possible."

President Kennedy famously made a speech in which he admitted he was wrong about how he handled the crisis of The Bay of Pigs. As a result of his tactical failure, a few US fighter planes were shot down and 20 soldiers were taken prisoner.

Kennedy admitted his mistake and his resolve to do better. As a result, HIS APPROVAL RATINGS WENT UP!

You're allowed to be wrong.

Said better, you're allowed to make decisions based on incomplete information and then make adjustments along the way. It's not only encouraged, but it's ideal for everyone.

Good leaders are honest about the facts and are also willing to make the call, even when the outcome is uncertain. People are perfectly able to understand context, as long as the leader is honest.

I think this is an important moment for the US economy and an important lesson for you to learn and apply in your work life, your family life, and your role as a leader.

Love you. Talk to you next week.


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