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How to Make Money with Social Media

published7 months ago
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E - A - G - L - E - S - EAGLESS!!!



This edition is brought to you by GrowthBar.

1. How to Make Money with Social Media

At the beginning of the year, I decided I was going to invest in growing my personal brand on social media.

I've gained thousands of subscribers and generated an addition $11,000 a month in revenue.

The best part? I am just getting started.

In this week's article, we will cover how to ...

1. grow your following

2. properly position yourself and your brand

3. turn your social media following into money

I'm excited. Let's get started.

2. Good Decision, Bad Consequences

On this week’s episode, Ethan and I talk through one of my favorite companies – 8&9MFG.

I show how they’re taking the business to a whole new level, and I share a story about how I (temporarily) tanked their SEO (for good reasons).

Also… I've got a new baby girl!

Click here to listen to the article, watch the video, and read the show notes.

3. How to Maximize Revenue from your YouTube Channel

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Thomas Frank
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June 29th 2022

This is one of the best threads I've ever read. I love everything that Thomas Frank represents in this message.

I highly suggest getting a notepad and carefully reading through this thread because it explains the nuts and bolts that need to be understood if you want to monetize your YouTube channel.

Most entrepreneurs aren't really entrepreneurs, they're content creators. They want to make content and magically turn that content into money. But it rarely works like that.

It's much more lucrative to use content as marketing to grow your business than it is to try and make the content the business within itself.

Do you see the difference?

AdSense (Google and YouTube's ad network) is appealing because it's easy. Most of you probably look at creators that generate millions of views and rake in millions of dollars through ad revenue. But you should avoid comparing yourself to those outliers.

You're not Mr. Beast. You're not Casey Neistat and you're not Charli D'Amelio.

However, that doesn't mean you can't make money.

Rather, it means you need to double down on yourself and create products or services that you can sell through your content.

Sell yourself.

Sell a service that you provide.

Sell a direct sponsorship between you and a business.

Sell a product that you've created.

Sell .... ANYTHING!

Here's a link to the thread. Read it.


4. Don’t Lose the Blogging Game to your Competitors

It’s competitive out there for Google searches. You have to research topics and write blog content fast and efficiently. GrowthBar is the 5-star rated AI-enabled tool that enables you to write SEO-friendly content 5x faster.

GrowthBar is everything you need to research, write, and optimize SEO content 5x faster… with AI.

You can use my code “tim” for 50% off a yearly subscription.

Need proof it works?

I recently used GrowthBar myself to create product descriptions for one of my clients.

In one day, we generated product descriptions for dozens of products.
And guess what happened?

The search traffic doubled. This increased sales, search traffic and more. All thanks to GrowthBar.

Here's the link one more time.

5. How to Not Feel Guilty For Wanting to Be Successful

I find that one of the most challenging mental hurdles for aspiring entrepreneurs is not feeling guilty about wanting success.

Do you want more money? a big house? do you want to travel the world?

You only get one shot at this life. So don't let your feelings on undeserving stop you from making the most of it.

It was a hard lesson for me to learn, but my career and my income took off when I forced myself to become comfortable with telling the universe what I wanted and going after it relentlessly.

Here's a link to the video.

6. The Ethereum Merge is Done, Opening a New Era for Blockchain

The massive overhaul of Ethereum known as the Merge has finally happened, moving the digital machinery at the core of the second-largest cryptocurrency to a vastly more energy-efficient system after years of development and delay.

It was no small feat swapping out one way of running a blockchain, known as proof-of-work, for another, called proof-of-stake.

“The metaphor that I use is this idea of switching out an engine from a running car,” said Justin Drake, a researcher at the non-profit Ethereum Foundation who spoke to CoinDesk before the Merge happened.

“I like to think of it as kind of like the switch from gasoline to electric.”

This is a revolutionary moment in the world of crypto. Now, Ethereum is BY FAR the most energy efficient digital currency in the world, and in my view, Ethereum is well positioned to become the "day to day" currency of blockchain.

As always, I like to remind everyone that no one knows anything. We have no idea what will happen and so I'm not here to speculate or make predictions.

I will say that for blockchain enthusiasts like myself, it's an exciting day and an exciting moment.

7. The Meticulous Writer's 12 Step Blog Post Checklist

While planning your content calendar is the first part of your publishing routine, carefully reviewing your post is the final stage before it goes live on your site.

Here’s a blog post checklist you can review before you publish.

It has 12 important steps professional writers consistently follow when they produce high-quality work. The goal is to ensure your audience engages with your content in the exact way you planned.

Plus, you have enough on your mind as a writer. Getting in the habit of following this process makes your job easier.

Sounds good, right?

Here’s the system you can start using today

8. Thx for the Wise Words Tim

Loved this simple yet elegant Instagram post from Tim Ferris.

You can see the original post and follow Tim by clicking here.

9. It's a Buyers Market, But Why Would You Want to Buy?

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Nick Gerli
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September 14th 2022

When treasury yields surpass the margins in real estate investing, there is little incentive to buy real estate.

This is exactly why I haven't pulled the trigger on buying more rental properties. It's hard to stomach all the work when I could simply put my money into the S&P500 and make more than I would owning real estate.

Not to mention, with index fund investing, I have to do exactly zero work.

This thread explained a lot. Click here to read the full version.

P.S. - Outside of the yields, there are additional benefits to owning cash flowing real estate properties. I do plan on creating a real estate portfolio, but only when the time is right.

10. Final Thought - "It's Now or Never"

In 2015, I was living in Fort Lauderdale. I used to run down Broward Ave to the gym, workout, and run back to my apartment.

During one of these runs, I was listening to a podcast from Brian Clark. Brian said "a digital product with monthly recurring revenue is the holy grail of online entrepreneurship."

After hearing that line, I decided I was going to create my very own digital product. It took me 8 years to finally commit, and now, The Bootstrapper is a thriving community and membership site.

For the last 8 years, I've been delaying my dream. I wasn't willing to commit to creating a digital product for myself. I can't say I regret the choice, because after I read The One Thing, I knew that I had to focus on Stodzy and Recovery Local. There wasn't enough space in my brain to achieve everything at once.

Then, the chance to buy Copyblogger came along, and I decided I needed to focus on that.

I feel like I made all the right decisions, but then something happened.

At the beginning of this year, I had a life changing realization while Jules and I were on a month long trip in South Beach. Suddenly everything became so clear to me. I knew what I had to do to position my business and rearrange my life to be exactly the way I wanted it to be.

It was then and there that I also committed to creating my own product.

The Bootstrapper officially launched in June, and in three short months, I've already generated an additional $11,000 a year. The product makes new sales every day, and it's the most excited I've been about my work in a long time. I can only imagine how well it will be doing a year from now.

The purpose of this week's final thought is not to tell you to quit your job or to pressure you into going all in. I much rather prefer a more practical approach towards life.

My point is that there will be a moment where you have to decide. Do I go for it? Or do I not?

When the moment comes, will you jump?

When the realization hits you, will you acknowledge it? or will you conitnue to delay your dream?

The choice is yours.

Love you guys.

Talk to you next week.