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How to Start a Profitable Paid Newsletter

published11 months ago
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Hey. It's Tim.

If you're building, I support you. Keep at it. Your future self will thank you.


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1. How to Start a Paid Newsletter

I am so bullish on newsletters right now. Since social media ads are becoming less and less effective, I believe the newsletter ad industry is about to blow up.

This puts you in a great position to monetize your email list, and over the coming weeks I am going to be talking about this much more.

This article will help you get started. Stick around for next week because I am working on a guide to help you monetize your newsletter through ads and automation.

2. Can You Sell Your 5 Figure Business? (With Lexi Grant)

On this week’s episode, Ethan and I talk to Lexi Grant, founder of They Got Acquired. Lexi is a media pro who’s started and sold several businesses. Her newest company highlights entrepreneurs who sell for $100k - $50m.

The trio talk about how to tell whether your business can be sold, and what the most important steps are to set yourself up for success there.

3. The 5 Steps to the Bootstrapper's Journey to Wealth (Subscribers Only)

Everybody wants to make more money, but time is your most precious resource.

So when it comes to creating wealth, it’s critical to find ways to apply leverage so you can make more money without spending more time working.

But before you can apply leverage, you have to build it.

Here’s the process most successful bootstrappers use to go from zero to wealthy by building progressively higher leverage.

4. The Difference Between Being Rich and Being Wealthy

I really enjoyed this article by Morgan Housel.

I have been so fortunate to not have been born with an addiction to spending money. I've never been interested in "being rich." My goal has always been to be wealthy.

In this article, Housel tells to story of the Vanderbilt estate, and the toxic nature of "generational wealth."

It's a treacherous tale full of deceit and resentment.

The lesson is simple: be grateful for your circumstances, because what you learn from the process is much more valuable than what you put in your bank account.

5. The Student Debt Grift

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Paul Graham
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May 2nd 2022

There are only a few things in life that get me truly angry. One of those things, is the American College System.

Relieving student debt would be an absolute crime to the working people of our country. We're better off taking that money, and quite literally giving it to poor people. That would be more fair and more practical.

6. The Mitochondria is the Powerhouse of the Cell

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microscopic images.
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May 1st 2022

Absolutely riveting!

7. Fed Delivers Biggest Interest Rate Hike Since 2000

We got problems.

Real problems.

The markets reacted to the Fed announcement of an interest rate hike. People are panic selling and it's very difficult for the Fed to navigate these waters.

Interest rates must rise, but it's almost certain that the rise in interest rates will bring us into a recession.

Buckle up and be smart.

8. The Almost Entrepreneur

Are you falling into this trap?

I can't tell you how many times I've seen this happen. People are scared to do the hard thing.

The hard thing is selling.

Unless you're making money, you only have an expensive hobby. (h/t Alex Lull)

9. Should You Sell Your Crypto?

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Dare Obasanjo
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May 4th 2022

Maybe, but I'm not.

With that said, I haven't invested any more of my net worth into crypto for almost a year.

I see crypto as a gamble. It's a speculative asset. I've invested enough that the gains could be life changing, but not enough that it won't kill me if it all goes to zero.

10. Final Thought - "What Will I Do Next?"

You're not going to believe this, but work has slowed down for me.

Yesterday, I finalized an agreement with Copyblogger that will take all the workload of managing our community off my plate. (On that note, I hope you will consider joining The Digital Copywriter).

In addition, Stodzy is humming along perfectly and David has taken over full responsibility of Sober Nation.

Of course, I still have to continue focusing on growth, but I love that work and it allows me to sit back, think, strategize, and write.

The urgency of the day to day has been eliminated.

So the obvious question is, what do I do next?

I don't know. I turned 36 the other day. I feel better than ever. I'm healthy and I'm grateful.

I've never been in a position where I'm emotionally able and willing to slow down. I live with a deep rooted fear that worries if I slow down, I will lose what I have. I like to live my life as though I have nothing, because it keeps me hungry.

I am not done working ... not even close. But I need to think long and hard about what comes next.

While I'm doing that, I plan to take full advantage of my extra time. I will continue practicing Muay Thai, I will continue writing, I will keep tweeting and most of all ... I will spend as much time with my family as possible.

P.S. - I don't like posting picture of my son's face on the internet, but this one is too good and I hope he makes you smile as much as he makes me smile.

Love you guys. Talk to you next week.