This is the first Friday is 33 weeks that I will not be sending out my newsletter and my article.

I'm disappointed, but also a bit relieved.

Don't worry, the newsletter isn't going anywhere. I'm more excited than ever to be growing my brand. But ... believe it or not, even I have limitations.

I was traveling this week. I've been up since 3 am. I worked through the entire flight home. I even got a contract signed at 4:30 AM!

Our baby daughter WILL NOT sleep through the night. Jules and I have been very sleep deprived. Our daughter so is different than our son was. It's been really hard.

Still, I've been working tirelessly to grow Stodzy, grow Copyblogger, and grow

I've been very diligent with my fitness and have done the absolute best I can to uphold my duties as a dad. I'm doing my best, I know that to be true in my heart.

When my wife picked me up from the airport this morning, we went to get breakfast. She asked me what I am working on today, and I said "It's the Thursday scramble babe. I have to write my blog post and my newsletter."

The look on her face changed.

Then she said "are you still going to be able to take Julian to swim lessons?"

I had a choice to make. I said nothing.

Then Jules said "you don't have to...."

But I do have to. It's my responsibility.

What kind of dad would I be if I chose a newsletter over swim lessons?

Julian LOVES swimming. It's one of his absolute favorite activities.

I had to make the choice, and frankly, it was an easy choice to make.

I CHOOSE not to do my newsletter this week, and that's okay.

This isn't a failure. It's not even close.

I work hard to enjoy my life, I don't work hard for the sake of working hard.

Today, for the first time all year, I decided against sacrificing my time for the sake of professional progress.

Today, I'm choosing to go swimming with my little dude.

Love you guys.

Talk to you next week.


Tim Stoddart

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