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Why Are People So Mad at Elon Musk? 🤪🥴😡

published11 months ago
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Hello. It's Tim.

Please read books. There is no reason not to read books. Books make you smart and keep you from being dumb.


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1. Why Are People So Mad at Elon Musk?

Elon Musk is potentially the greatest entrepreneur of this century. He is solving problems that will advance humanity forward.

The controversy surrounding him, only seems to become an issue as he gets richer.

I did an analysis of the emotional reaction that Elon Musk creates, and I wrote about it on The Blank Page.

I was shocked at the response.

2. How Josh Spector Invented a Way to Automate his Ad Sales

This was my favorite episode yet.

Ethan and I had so much fun recording it and even more fun thinking about how you can implement this simple but brilliant tactic into your newsletter businesses.

Josh Spector is the creator of For The Interested, and he is absolutely crushing it with his newsletter ads.

Want to know how he's doing it?

Click here to listen on iTunes and here to listen on Spotify.

P.S. - I made a website for the podcast. What do you think about it?

3. The Step by Step Guide to Getting Started as a Bootstrapper (Subscribers Only)

Every business sells one thing: transformation.

And the two ways businesses sell transformation are through products and services.

Each requires a different strategy, but once you figure out how to do one well, building the other offer is pretty straightforward.

In this week's issue of The Bootstrapper, we’re going to talk about how to decide which path is right for you.

4. The New SUPPLY DROP is live

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Danavir Sarria | Ecommerce Email & SMS Marketing
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April 26th 2022

I was very humbled to read this thread.

Danavir is a friend of mine from Twitter. Last year, he took my course and he has spent the entire year implementing what he learned and the results speak for themselves.

He wrote an in depth and honest thread about the relaunch of his business website and it made me so happy.

Congrats Danavir. You will do great things!

5. How Bored Elon Musk Attracted 1.7 Million Subscribers on Twitter

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Pseudonymity will be an inevitable work trend over the next decade.

Trung realized this while interviewing a popular pseudonymous Twitter account: @BoredElonMusk, whose musings on tech and wild startup ideas that the real Elon might invent have attracted 1.7 million followers.

In a recent opinion column on Bloomberg, Trung writes about the revelations he had while interviewing @bored in the latest episode of his podcast, Not Investment Advice.

I found the piece thought provoking.

What a time to be alive.

6. 20 Ideas I Can't Stop Thinking About

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Sahil Bloom
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April 23rd 2022

Sahil makes writing massively viral Twitter threads look easy.

He's so thoughtful. I very much enjoyed reading this.

7. The Meme is the Message

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Adam Singer
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April 23rd 2022

Adam raises such an interesting idea.

I spent all week thinking about this idea. It scared me, inspired me, and made me think about what the future will be.

I have so much to say about this topic, because memes are much more than cat pictures ... they are the spread, evolution and manifestation of ideas.

The best idea wins.

8. How to Build Trust in Relationships with Content Marketing

It’s as if awareness of a brand is enough to spark trust. And it’s true — we do tend to prefer brands that we know, even if there’s no true difference between one product and a generic one.

But when it comes down to choosing between two or more brands, trust becomes critical. This is one of the benefits that content marketers have over competitors who don’t learn how to build trust in relationships — who don’t write better content and freely share valuable information.

And it can be a substantial benefit if done correctly.

9. No Fu*ks Given

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Children without internet!😊
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April 26th 2022

I'm thinking about designating an entire section of my newsletter to Children without the internet!😊

Now that I have a kid, this page has become so hysterical to me.

10. Final Thought - "Giving Myself Some Grace"

You may have noticed that this issue of the newsletter didn't start with the usual article from

This is the first Friday in months that I didn't publish an article on my blog, so I had to resort to posting something from The Blank Page, which is a website I really reserve for my own creative writing.

I'm disappointed. I made a commitment to write an article and send a newsletter every week, and this week I fell short.

Here's the thing ... there was absolutely no way I could have gotten it written.

I worked my butt off this week. There was so much important work to be done, and sometimes you have to prioritize your energy.

I suppose I could have sacrificed a workout to get it written, but that's not something I am willing to do. Fitness is non negotiable for me.

That's just how it goes.

I'm trying to turn a new leaf in life, where I don't beat the shit out of myself for falling short of my ridiculously high standards.

It's okay to not always be the best at something.

It's okay to take a break from time to time. It's okay to not get everything done that I wanted to get done.

I will head into the weekend with an attitude of gratitude and give myself some grace. There was no way I could have gotten it all done, and beating myself up for it is wasted energy.

I hope you give yourself some grace as well.

Have a great weekend. Love you guys.