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Why You SHOULD NOT Create an Online Course

publishedabout 1 year ago
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Hello. It's Tim.

We're back in Nashville. I'm so happy to be home and so relieved to put my head on my own pillow.


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1. Why You SHOULD NOT Create an Online Course Business

The best investment you can make is an investment in yourself. That’s why I advocate you to start your own business.

However, if there is a piece of advice I can give to first time founders, it is this …

Your first business SHOULD NOT be an online course business or a membership site.

In this article, I will explain why selling digital products are bad businesses for inexperienced entrepreneurs, and explain what you should do instead.

2. What is the Secret to Writing High Performing Content Online?

Ethan and I were unable to record an episode this week. So in order to keep the train rolling, I uploaded this brilliant webinar by Nicolas Cole about the secret to writing high preforming online content. This webinar is only for Copyblogger Academy members, but I brought it out in front of the paywall just for you.

Cole is a master at writing online and after watching this webinar you will see why.

3. We Are All the Same

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Dan Go
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March 18th 2022

My buddy Dan Go shared this great video on his Twitter profile, and I retweeted it. This video really made me feel great and I am constantly reminded that we all have more in common that we have differences.

4. The Ladders of Wealth Creation

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Nathan Barry 🇺🇦
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March 20th 2022

In this Twitter thread, Nathan breaks down how almost all wealth creation is generated and then scaled.

P.S. - Notice how the first ladder IS NOT build a multi billion dollar company right off the bat? You need to learn skills. In order to do that, you may have to (gasp) sell your time.

5. How to Write Better Content (and quit annoying your audience)

When you’re learning how to write better content, it’s helpful to think of a friend who tells stories that never seem to get to the point.

They sound okay at first, then they spins off into tangents about how they met their spouse, then we go into their first college dorm room, with a side trip to that deeply formative event that happened in third grade, then …

Don't be the person at parties that runs off on tangents. Be entertaining and informative and direct. In this article, Sonia Simone teaches us how to write better content by getting to the point.

6. The Most Valuable form of Leverage

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Tim Stoddart
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March 24th 2022

It's been said that media and code are the most valuable forms of leverage, but I disagree.

7. NFT's are Dead?

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March 21st 2022

I can't tell if this chart makes me bullish on NFT's or bearish on NFTs. One thing is for certain, NFT's are much more than pictures of monkeys. What they are is digital contracts that cut out the middle man.

I'm not sure the world understands this, and they may never. We will see.

8. Go Full Donkey

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James Clear
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March 19th 2022

I fully support this message.

9. The Homeless Problem in Portland Oregon

It was difficult for me to publish this post. Throughout my life, and especially during my sobriety, I've done my best to be supportive to those less fortunate than me.

I support social safety programs. I've advocated for the decriminalization of drugs (especially marijuana) and I've tried my best not to pass judgement on people who are "rough around the edges."

What I saw in Portland Oregon forced me to rethink the most realistic solutions to helping people.

I hope you read this article, and I hope you leave a comment or reply to the email with your thoughts, because I hope to encourage conversation around what is a HUGE problem in parts of our country.

10. Final Thought - "Be Slow to Anger."

I got very angry yesterday.

At the time, I remember telling myself to "not react out of emotion" and in the moment, I truly thought that's what I was doing.

But in retrospect, my anger and frustration made me act like an asshole. I think I upset people closest to me and worst of all, acting like a dick lead to me not actually being heard and understood for something that I still am upset about.

I've made a lot of progress in this aspect of my life.

People may be shocked to hear this, but I have a lot of rage inside me. In the past, I would look for excuses to get in fist fights or brawls or lash out.

Clearly, I'm not getting in street fights anymore. 😋🤣

Nonetheless, I need to be more mindful of how I react.

The next time I find myself feeling hurt and wanting to react, I will force myself to simply walk away. First I must allow the adrenaline to cycle through my system, and then decide how I want to react.

I'm still a work in progress.

Love you guys. Talk to you next week.