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You Should Start a Marketing Agency

published8 months ago
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Hello. Tim here.

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1. Should You Start a Marketing Agency? Yes! Here's 4 Reasons Why

My marketing agency will hit $2,000,000 in annual recuring revenue this year.

If you want to start a business, I highly recommend starting with building a marketing agency.

In this article, I will explain to you why marketing agencies are great businesses and also debunk some of the myths that put a dark cloud over owning a marketing agency.

2. From 0 to 150k Subscribers in 7 Months

The Milk Road grew from 0 to 150k+ subscribers in less than seven months. On this week’s episode, Ethan and I dig in to show you what you can learn from their content, growth, and monetization strategies. Tim also breaks down the lead-gen industry with a live look at a website Ethan’s thinking of buying.

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3. Zero Click Content

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Amanda Natividad
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July 26th 2022

My friend Amanda wrote a thought provoking thread that I think will be relevant for most of you.

Social media creates a huge internal problem for many marketers. You can use social media (with great success) to gain attention and awareness for your business. But that attention comes at a cost.

When you spend your time growing your brand on social media, you are also growing in a way that doesn't fully benefit you. If people are absorbing your content on Twitter, it can be difficult to convert that attention onto a platform you own.

This is a common conundrum for marketers and it's something I have always struggled with.

Until now ...

Amanda created a framework called Zero Click Content, and she gives you a simple yet elegant framework that teaches you how to think differently about social platforms.

Maybe we are looking at this all wrong. Maybe what we should be doing is completely accepting and embracing the behavior on social media but repositioning ourselves to use it to our advantage.

I hope you enjoy this thread. Amanda took such an abstract topic and simplified it in a way that instantly relieved my internal struggles.

Here is a direct link to the thread.

4. How to Productize Your Services (Bootstrapper Members Only)

Scaling a service business will always be limited by time and manpower. By definition, a service requires a person to spend time “serving” a client.

But a product-based business is infinitely scalable.

With a product, (especially a digital product) 1 person can support sales to hundreds, thousands, or even a million people.

Service-based business models are hard to scale revenue without scaling headaches (logistics, staff, outreach, etc.).

But product-based business models can scale revenue exponentially, without the same headaches of a service-based one.

What if you could design your services in a way that allows you to sell them at scale by productizing them?

You can. Here’s how…

P.S. - If you want to become a member, readers of my newsletter get 30% off membership to The Bootstrapper.

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5. The Fastest Way to Make $100,000 a Year

Making $100,000 is a great baseline goal in wealth building and success. If you're just starting out as an entrepreneur, than it's important to have a goal and to work towards it.

So what's the fastest way to work your way up to making $100,000 a year?

Watch the video for the answer.

6. "Don't Fight the U.S. Dollar Right Now"

I've been following the currency rates for months and I find it so fascinating.

What the hell is money anyway? My favorite definition is that "money is a combination of trust and information."

The dollar is absolutely crushing right now. It looks like the Chinese Juan is having some problems, and the Ruble is rebounding hard because Putin has a strong hold over Europe's natural gas market.

So interesting.

Here's a good article from Bloomberg that explains some of the massive implications of the US dollar having such a strong global impact.

7. Email Subject Lines for More Sales: 5 Steps to Better Open Rates

Crafting the best email subject lines for sales doesn’t have to be a mysterious or challenging task. You simply have to understand the importance of this little line of text.

If your subject line doesn’t compel people to open your email, it doesn’t matter how good your copy or offer is (which is why it’s also important to learn how to write headlines).

So, let’s make your subject line just as good, if not better, than the rest of your persuasive writing.

8. Absolutely Amazing

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Giles Paley-Phillips
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July 24th 2022

This is too good. What cracks me up the most is imagining all 5 of these guys rolling their eyes while their wives all demand they wear this shirt. Like "ok fine babe whatever you want."

Only to discover they have been conned.

Women are so much smarter than men. 😂😂😂

9. I Know the Answer

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July 28th 2022

Do you?

10. Final Thought - "Get It Done."

I don't anything inspirational or thought provoking to say this week.

I'm currently in Boston. Jules brought the little man up to her parents place last week because we needed some help taking care of him. This math class she is in is so intense and we were so desperate that we flew up to Boston to stay with her parents for a bit.

The last few week's haven't been very glamorous or adventurous for us. We wake up and work. Then we go to the gym. Then little man takes a nap so we work again. Then we pass him back and forth so one of us can keep working until finally I give him a bath and we put him to bed.

By that point, we're both exhausted and we eat dinner together and pass out.

I've been reminding myself that the times of hardest challenges are usually the times I look back on with the fondest memories.

For instance, there was a time years ago when Stodzy was about 2 weeks away from going out of business. Bryan and I had a call and discussed whether we wanted to keep going. We decided that we wanted to keep going and that for the next few weeks, we could give it our maximum effort. That way, if Stodzy failed, at least both of us knew that we did all we could do.

We both worked with extreme intensity and it was that decision that catapulted us to where we are today. I look back at that time with such joy.

That's where Jules and I are at now. There's not much going on in my life other than focus and determination. Yes, we still laugh and go for walks and enjoy our lives the best we can, but the reality is that we are in full grind mode.

And it's fucking hard.

I worry that too many of you are always looking for life hacks or for tricks to optimize your time. You want to find ways to make life easier. But in life, I find that hard work, grit, determination and simply refusing to give up are still the biggest determining factors that separate winners from losers.

There's nothing else for us to do. This is a time in our lives for us to keep our noses to the grindstone and simply get the job done.

We grind it out. We get it done.

No one is coming to save you.

Love you guys. See you next week