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You Should Stop Using Substack

publishedabout 1 year ago
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Hello. Tim here.

Apologies for not publishing last week. The truth is, the invasion of Ukraine is upsetting and it felt out of place to publish business content while there is such deep suffering.

Ultimately, we must all focus on what we can control. We do what we can to help.



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1. The Danger (and Excitement) Behind Substack's New App

Yesterday, Substack announced that they are launching a social app.

The announcement has created lots of buzz. Some people are thrilled with the announcement, others (like myself) are weary.

In this article, I will break down all the benefits and potential consequences of using the Substack app. In short: I don’t anticipate this ending well.

2. What are the Generational Defining Stats of Today?

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Steph Smith
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March 7th 2022

What an interesting question to think about.

The comments of this tweet are fascinating.

3. The Power of Narrative

This week's podcast episode was powerful and meaningful. It was important for Ethan and I to record this episode, because it highlights the extreme power of narrative.

Narrative is the most powerful force on earth. The best way to learn how to control the narrative is to write. The second best way is to speak.

Listen on Apple podcasts here and listen on Spotify here.

Also, here's a clip of the show.

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Tim Stoddart
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March 10th 2022

4. The Audience Building Loop

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March 8th 2022

I loved that Jack put this together.

I think about this a lot. So many people start creating content to "build an audience." But what is the foundation of their content?

Is there a skill they can fall back on? Or is it content for the sake of content?

Skills matter.

5. Is Affiliate Marketing Dead?

Matt certainly thinks so ... I'm not so sure, but Matt makes a good argument.

"The writing’s on the wall. It’s been there for years. Affiliate marketing is dying a slow and painful death. And I won’t be dragged down with it!

Before you freak out and start @ing me on Twitter, Affiliate marketing is dead to me. I’m no longer making it a priority in my business. And I want to share the reasons why.

Am I gonna remove all the affiliate links on my site? No. Am I going to prioritize other revenue streams that actually grow my business and don’t try to fuck me over? Yes.

So here is my latest business manifesto: why I think affiliate marketing is dying and what my strategy will be moving forward."

6. TikTok Case Study

My buddy Alex Garcia convinced me to get on TikTok. I will admit, the reach has been incredible.

I've decided to take TikTok seriously. We'll see what happens.

Alex put together a guide to help others get traction on TikTok. I hope you appreciate this, because this product is part of Alex's paid network, but he is giving it to my subscribers FOR FREE.

You can also subscribe to Alex's membership, called Growth Marketing Examined.

7. It's Good to be Tall

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March 7th 2022

8. How to Create Digital Products

Digital products are the holy grail of online entrepreneurship. It's what gives us the ability to live anywhere, work from anywhere and continue to make significant income.

But there are skills and strategies you can use that will take you to the next level.

9. Btw - I got that page to rank #1 on Google for "how to create a digital product.

I am so fucking hype right now. We just beat Spotify for the #1 spot on that keyword. Holy shit I can't believe it.

I'm the best! I'm the best! I'm the best!


10. Final Thought - "Perfect is the Enemy of Done."

I've been in my head.

The damn nagging voice has returned. It's telling me to do things different and to change course and to do better.

Ever since my trip to Miami, I've been very intentional about ignoring that voice, and staying the course.

All I want to do with my blog is write, and share my stories, and connect with people. Why do I always complicate it?

You won't believe what I did. I took down all the paywalls on my products, and from now on, I am giving them away for free.

I want to give away what was so freely given to me.

It doesn't have to be perfect. It doesn't need to fit some kind of strategy or even a purpose. My purpose is to share my experience with you so that you may learn from my mistakes in hopes that you don't have to learn from you own.

Love you guys.

Talk next week.